What Is The Difference Between Orthotics And Prosthetics?

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Patients often ask question about the kind of knee braces they should be using. Knee braces come in various shapes and sizes, and no one can tell you which one is best for you. Each brace are made to suit a different set of requirements where comfort, pressure and budget are some of the most important factors.

While you are looking for different options, a custom knee brace will be something that you should definitely consider. These can be made in several sizes and are growing in popularity because of their custom fit. These kinds of knee braces are specially made with patient’s injuries in mind, and that’s what makes them better than over the counter orthotics.

Who can use a custom knee brace?

Anyone who suffers with any type of knee injury can benefit from a custom knee brace, as they are made to fit. It is believed that due to their custom fit, a knee brace can improve an individual’s knee functionality and reduce discomfort at the same time. Orthotics often recommends them for those who need knee support but still need to be active.

How much does it cost for a custom brace?

Custom knee braces usually cost more compared to what you can get readily over the counter in a drug store, but they are well worth the cost. Because knee injuries tend to worsen with age and often result in arthritis and other underlying conditions, specially designed knee braces resist further damage and boost healing.

How can you prepare for custom brace?

It’s probably better to talk to your doctors first and learn what they think about knee braces. Once a knee brace is approved, you can then contact Northern Orthotics who has the experience in designing custom braces. Contacting them is easy and you can talk about your doctor’s requirements, if you don’t have a doctor’s recommendation, then that’s alright too. Northern Orthotics can recommend an orthotic for you depending on the activities you are performing.

Scheduling a fitting for a custom orthotic is easy with Northern Orthotics. Wearing a custom knee brace is a world of difference when compared to over the counter knee braces. In fact, they are so comfortable and provide so much support to your knee that some people like to wear them all day long. Check out other types of orthotics on their website here: https://www.northernorthotics.com.au/

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