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For people who may be in need of spinal support, or for those interested to know all about spinal orthotics, this article is aimed at answering any questions you may have. The first question is obvious, what is spinal orthotics and orthotic devices?

What is it?

Commonly known as a spinal orthotic device, or an orthosis device, is a vital, external, apparatus, which can be applied to a specific part of the human body to aid in support. These kinds of devices limit the body’s motion to reduce axial loading on areas of the spine. Quality orthotic devices can even correct deformity and improve spinal function; depending on the injury and the specific area of the body they are applied.

Why Spinal Orthosis Devices are needed?

The main reason why such devices are prescribed is to immobilize and stabilize the spine to prevent further injury to a damaged area. Controlling spinal motion is vitally important. When one of the segments of the spine is moved, it creates motion in unwanted areas of the spine that is injured. Persons who have incorrect spinal alignment are also prescribed orthotic devices to help realign the spine, relieve back pain from pinched nerves and to support the spinal cord in general. If you have suffered an injury to your back, then maximizing stability of the spine through the use of spinal orthosis devices is paramount to the healing process.

What Kind of Spinal Orthotic Devices are there, and Where Can They Be Bought?

Generally referred to as types of back braces, orthotic devices come in a variety of shapes and designs to fit various parts of the body. Some orthosis devices can be purchased off the shelf at a local pharmacy, hospital, drug store, sports store or even supermarkets. In general, spinal orthotic devices are designed to provide soft, yet firm, neck and spinal support. For higher quality and extra spinal support, it is best to seek out a company that specializes in offering a large range of professional orthotic products and services. Quality spinal orthotic products from such a company include:

  • Mould-a-back brace
  • Thoracic Lumbar Sacral
  • Corsets
  • Sacral cinch
  • “Bobs” Boston overlapping brace
  • Low spinal Taylor

If you are living in the Melbourne area, and you are looking for a supplier or company that specializes in offering a large range of professional orthotic products and services, then you may find this site helpful

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