Bone and Ligament Injuries and the Ways That Northern Orthotics Can Help You

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Bone and ligament injuries can range from minor to severe depending upon the extent of the damage. When you suffer from one of these injuries, you will require some type of assistance to heal fully from the ordeal. The information below explains about these injuries and in what manner Northern Orthotics can help you deal with these injuries.

Bone Injuries

Fractures are bone injuries that crack or sever a single bone or multiple bones depending upon the severity of the damage. Bones can break in any part of the body from the legs to the back. These injuries happen for a number of different reasons from falling to car accidents. Some examples of bone fractures include:

  • The transverse fracture happens when a broken piece of the bone it is horizontal in nature.
  • The oblique fracture is at an angle.
  • The stress fracture is just a thin crack in the bone.
  • The comminuted fracture happens when the bone breaks into multiple pieces.

Ligament Injuries

Ligaments are made up of fibrous tissues and connect two bones to create a joint, such as the knee, elbow, wrist, ankle and acromioclavicular joints. Injuries to these fibrous tissues range from simple sprains to ruptures or tears. At times, the joints only require immobilisation for the ligaments to heal while at other times, surgery is necessary.

The Reasons That You Should Turn to Northern Orthotics for Help You with Bone and Ligament Injuries

Northern Orthotics carries a number of spinal orthotics ranging from corsets to mould-a-back braces to address a number of different back issues. For problems in the neck, we offer such products as the Halo thoracic and the soft/hard collars. When your issues involve your arm or shoulder, we offer such braces as the shoulder abduction or the humeral fracture cast ones. We even provide a limited motion elbow brace when it fits for your injury. Our hand and wrist braces include the mallet finger splint, night resting brace and a custom moulded brace for your wrist.

Now, if you suffer from a knee injury instead of one in your upper body, Northern Orthotics provides limited motion cast braces, knee sleeves or custom knee braces just for a few examples. You also can rely on us for ankle and foot braces, including the Klezac toe pickup, custom fabricated AFO, fracture cast brace, ankle support brace, elastic ankle support and more. Under certain conditions, you will require compression stockings, and we offer a full line that ranges from below-knee stockings to ulcer compression kits. If you are in need of diabetic or medical grade socks, we provide ones in the categories of ankle length, crew length, extra roomy and over the calf.

Let us not forget that we also offer moonboots and waterproof fibreglass casts on top of our numerous other products. We will even come to you when you are unable to travel to our location in Pascoe Vale South, Victoria. Browse our website or call us today if you need further information about our products or services.

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