Carpal bone injury – Exos wrist brace can help

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One of the most common ailments of these modern times is carpal bone injury or carpal tunnel syndrome. A condition often painful and (depending on the severity) debilitating disease brought about by the unnatural wearing down of the cartilage which surrounds and lubricates the carpal bone. Often caused by repeated wrist movement or improper typing, this injury is commonplace for manual workers in administrative jobs, especially for office workers who spend long hours typing (often incorrectly) on a keyboard; it may even be caused by injuries brought about by sports, as well as several other factors.

While the injury itself is minor, if left untreated it can cause extreme discomfort and can prove to be a hindrance towards productivity, as the untreated area may become inflamed. While one of the best ways to help address carpal bone injury is to immediately correct the cause, or wear a corrective article such as a wrist brace.

One of most popular means of treating and correcting carpal bone injury is a nifty little thing called an Exos wrist brace. What is an Exos wrist brace? It’s a wrist brace (unlike a typical cast) which can easily be worn. Basically, it’s a removable orthotic article which can be worn to help cushion one’s wrist and keep the carpal bone ‘in place’ while it heals. Made of lightweight material and available in a dazzling array of designs, it is specifically made with the utmost comfort in mind, and they can be custom-made to fit individual wrists.

Unlike most typical corrective carpal injury treatments, the Exos wrist brace provides a vast array of benefits, the most important of which is comfort and the ability to not impede regular movement.

The Benefits of the Exos Wrist Brace

The Exos wrist brace is a corrective orthotic accessory that can easily be worn and taken off whenever desired. Unlike casts which hamper or impede the free movement of the hands, and which tend to be somewhat heavy and uncomfortable, the Exos wrist brace allows for the free movement of the fingers, and, in some custom-versions, even a slight capacity to turn the wrist.

Because it is made of high-grade plastic, it is not only lightweight but extremely durable. It is well padded, providing the utmost in comfort even if worn for daily use. The Exos wrist brace is also modifiable, with most custom models showing off ‘decals’ or designs that suit the wearer’s tastes or sentiments.

If you’re looking for a great way to treat carpal wrist injury without hampering your work productivity, the Exos wrist brace is the way to go! For more information on this and other corrective orthotics accessory, you can visit:

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