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Modern day means of transportation are impressive. Trains, buses, planes, motorbikes and automobiles of all shapes and sizes will get you where you need to go; however, nothing can replace a good pair of shoes with proper arch supports. Not having the proper amount of arch support can be uncomfortable to-say-the-least, especially, if you have to trek from your vehicle across a large parking area, or through an airport terminal.

An orthotic solution can relieve discomfort in feet and in other areas of the body such as knees, legs, hips, lower back, arms, hands and neck. Choosing the right orthotic to meet your special needs is important; otherwise, the wrong orthotic fit can be more harmful than helpful.

Today, many over the counter brands of prefabricated orthotics are available, which claim to fix or relieve every condition from foot pain, neck pain, tennis elbow and back pain. While many people seek relief from the use of orthotic devises, using the litmus test to find the best fit and feel usually works when sampling prefabricated over-the-counter orthotic devises. Is there a better way to find relief from discomfort and pain? Yes there is, custom made orthotics.

While some prefabricated orthotic devices are able to comfortably fit some people, not all orthotics are designed to fit everyone. That’s why custom made orthotics is ideal, because these can be tailored to fit any part of your body that requires support. Choosing the right orthotics is much easier for adults. Why is that? As children grow, they quickly outgrow their orthotic devises. Such devices are very important for children as they can help to correct a certain physical misalignment, however, it can be costly to keep purchasing a new orthotic device every year or two.

One of the best orthotics for kids is those that are able to grow with them. Custom made and tailored to fit orthotics will last longer and will need to be replaced less frequently than prefabricated ones. The right orthotic device will provide it’s wearer with the correct range of motion and gait, which cannot be accomplished with prefabricated orthotics. That is why custom made and fitted ones provide the best fit and functionality.

Types of Orthotic Choices

There are as many types of orthotic devices as there are areas on the human body. A small list includes the following areas:

Ankle and Feet – Ankle braces, foot braces, moonboots, bed-resting night splints, dorsal night splints and cast walkers.

Knee Orthotics – These include patella stabiliser braces, knee immobilisers, post-op knee braces and a very wide range of other knee braces.

Shoulder and Arm Orthotics – These include arm abduction braces, humeral fracture braces, limited range elbow brace and arm immobilisers.

Hand and Wrist Orthotics – Finger splints, thumb splints, molded wrist braces and elastic wrist supports are very common types.

If you are feeling uncomfortable with pain, and you want help in choosing the right orthotic devise, then you need to contact a supplier or company that specializes in orthotic products that can meet you specific needs. In Melbourne, you can rest assure, you’ll find the orthotic devise that will bring you relief and comfort at Northern Orthotics:

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