Comparison between Full Shell and Stirrup Walkers

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The current world offers a wide assortment of innovations, including the methods to treat leg injuries. Full shell and stirrup walkers are part of the innovations of which we speak. For years, people had to wear uncomfortable braces or casts to help immobilise a leg injury to help it heal. Today, people who suffer from leg injuries of one sort of another can turn to either a full shell walker or a stirrup walker depending on the severity of their injuries.

The Differences Between a Full Shell and a Stirrup Walker

One of the main differences between these two walkers in the fact that the full shell has two semi-rigid shell even in the front while the stirrup one has a foam front. In addition, the full shell has only three straps, whereas, the stirrup one has three on the short version and five on the full-length version. Another fact that makes the full shell different is its adjustability level.

When to Turn to a Full-Shell Walker

When a person suffers a significant injury to his or her leg, a medical professional will recommend the full-shell walker in place of the stirrup walker since it provides the highest amount of immobilisation as the shell construction surrounds the entire leg. In addition, the construction of it makes it the comfortable choice since the person will need to wear it a longer length of time to heal the severity of the injury than the lesser injuries that the stirrup walker treats effectively. The only downside to this model is the fact that it is the pricier option for the two. Both standard and short lengths are available depending on the person’s needs.

When a Stirrup Walker Is the Right Option

A person who has a mild to moderate leg injury, the doctor will often prescribe the stirrup walker. Its pre-shaped, ergonomic, lightweight frame and design provide the ability to modify the pressure level on lower area and the malleoli of the leg. Since it has the soft front opposed to a full shell, a person even can use it after a surgical trauma if necessary. Stirrup walkers are for a short usage period of time than the full-shell versions are, and they provide a moderate level of immobilisation. The economical pricing is another feature of this walker.

While both walkers contain rocker bottoms, the differences between the full shell and stirrup walkers dictate which one is the preferred treatment for a specific leg injury. The person suffering from a leg injury should consult with a medical professional to learn the best one for his or her needs.

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