Different kinds of casts depending on your comfort zone ( emphasize fiber glass cast)

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A cast’s appearance tends to be a fixed thing, especially with regards to the most rudimentary forms. It has simply been the nature of a cast to look like a solidified bandage, which most people accept as standard appearance. However, for some people, having to wear a cast that looks like a solidified bandage is somewhat boring and distasteful.

Different kinds of casts for different kinds of people

For some individuals, a simple, run-of-the-mill cast simply will not do, especially if that individual is always on the move. This is also true in cases when one requires a more ‘adaptable’ cast for special occasions or regular day-to-day needs. At Northern Orthotics however, one is able to find a seemingly dizzying array of choice, high-quality, highly adaptable, and ultramodern custom casts for every possible need and type of person.

One of the casts available from the company of late is the waterproof fiberglass cast – an especially versatile and indispensable new innovation in the world of orthotics that has revolutionised how casts are viewed and used. Unlike most regular type casts, waterproof fiberglass casts are, as the name implies – waterproof.

This alone opens a near limitless array of possibilities with regards to its usage and the people who need to use them. This is especially true, since most casts are notorious for being porous and un-ideal for working in wet or humid conditions. Conditions where it may be exposed to prolonged degrees of moisture. Simply put, unlike regular casts which hampers an individual’s movement and makes getting around more difficult, especially during recovery time.

Waterproof fiberglass casts allows an individual a larger margin for comfort and added mobility and versatility (i. e. an individual can freely bathe, wash their hands / feet, or engage in minor chores) even while they are recuperating.

Fiberglass casts are ideal

Another ideal trait that fiberglass casts have which can be considered superior to most other types of casts is in its lightweight nature. Fiberglass casts are exceedingly durable, able to stand on-par if not better than most plaster-type casts, and along with the preset durability, fiberglass is also lightweight. This makes it ideal for individuals who simply cannot afford lost time tied to a bed or consigned to the couch during the recovery process.

Because of its durable and lightweight nature, most fiberglass casts have a tendency to be applied in such a way that it allows for maximum ergonomic function, letting an individual have relative freedom with the use of hands or feet even while encased in a cast. This is ideal not only for sporty individuals and office workers who simply cannot be without the use of either hands or feet, but also for independent individuals that cannot afford or will not opt for additional healthcare assistance while recovering.

For more information on how waterproof fiberglass casts are more ideal than regular ones, or to view a selection of highly versatile and aesthetically pleasing casts, please visit Northern Orthotics at https://www.northernorthotics.com.au/

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