Different Mobility Aids for the Elderly: How Northern Orthotics Can Help Them

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Mobility aids allow the elderly safe, stable, and convenient independence. A mobility aid may be a wheelchair or access ramp, scooter, crutches, lift, or electric bed. They help difficult daily tasks be performed much easier.

The elderly in particular may need assistance with:

  • walking and mobility,
  • personal care and hygiene (including toilet and showering), or
  • standing, sitting, sleeping, or other daily activities.

Mobility aids must be customized to the user and their individual needs. A careful review of residence and general surroundings, as well as particular requirements such as age, fitness, and coordination, must also be considered. Critical factors include the individual’s:

  • stability,
  • height and weight,
  • posture, and
  • walking pattern.

Different Mobility Aids for the Elderly

  • WALKING AIDS include canes and walkers, which are available in a variety of heights, weight capacities, and ergonomic styles. They have been used by the elderly for a very long time. Today there are folding canes that are lightweight yet stable, that may be easily taken anywhere. There are also heavier duty canes that support those with ankle and foot ailments, and lightweight aluminum spring-loaded brakes.
  • WALKERS is a free-standing metal frame that provides stable support. It provides the user complete mobility and independent movement for those with normally limited mobility.
  • ROLLATORS are walkers with wheels that allow smoother movement. They are considered ideal and safe mobility aids for the elderly.
  • WHEELCHAIRS provide a wide selection of mobility and accessories. Wheelchairs are standard, lightweight, transportable, reclining, and designed for bathrooms. Bathroom wheelchairs, for example, are waterproof and made of sturdy, fully-upholstered, quick-drying, rust-proof, stable frames.
  • MOBILITY SCOOTERS and POWER CHAIRS provide more mobility than wheelchairs. They may be used in the home as well as riding in the park or mall. They effectively navigate slopes and turns. They may be 3- or 4-wheeled, affordable, sturdy, high-powered, and easily operate with the push of a button. Most are portable and lightweight to be conveniently transportable in a car. Heavy-duty scooters able to support 500 lbs. come with broader wheels and higher-capacity battery.
  • LIFT CHAIRS provide the extra boost needed to get on your feet. These recliners are customized to the user’s need. They come in 2-position, 3-position, infinite-position, and heavy duty (for obese) configurations. SEAT LIFTS are the multi-position chair seat assists without purchasing the entire recliner. Seat lift assists are available in heavy duty and uplift power seat electric (with varying weight capacity). Lift chairs and seat lifts provide mobility and independence for those getting up or sitting down.
  • RAMPS enable scooters and wheelchairs, as well as walkers and cane-users, to navigate changes in terrain more easily. Ramps may be portable, stationary, or folding. They may be situated at entrances, or retractable for easy vehicle access.

Northern Orthotics invites you to see our full selection of mobility equipment and aids for purchase or hire, as well as our selection of post-operative and orthopedic footwear, ankle, arm, and knee braces and more.

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