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Orthoses specialize in the medically designed, manufactured, and application / fitting of, foot, leg, and limb orthoses / orthodics. Properly custom-fitted foot orthoses can more evenly distribute the body’s weight to provide support and reduce pain.

Orthoses may be prescribed following foot injury or surgery with the intent to:

  • immobilize, control, or limit, movement,
  • aid general movement,
  • reduce the weight bearing force,
  • supplement rehabilitation, or
  • aid in correcting or reshaping the area to reduce pain or enhance mobility.

Combined exercise and orthotic footwear can effectively relieve pain following a foot injury. Custom orthodics include:

  • custom insoles that fit into shoes (often used with orthopedic footwear),
  • correction and elevated shoes (deformities, foot and spine injuries),
  • ankle and foot braces that control abnormal foot function, and improve biomechanics,
  • knee braces, and
  • prophylactic braces (mainly used by athletes).

Athletes commonly wear custom-fitted orthoses to help improve balance, correct foot problems, or recover from foot injury. Chronic leg or foot injuries, or common painful difficulties that restrict normal healthy foot functioning, may need a podiatrist’s prescription for orthoses.

Custom Insoles

A custom orthotic is designed to look like an insole and to effectively function in aligning and correcting specific foot imbalance. Custom orthoses are for feet and balance, what eyeglasses are for eyes and vision. They are made from the individual’s own foot imprint and essentially reduce body strain and stress by bringing the feet into proper alignment.

Some of the foot and lower limb problems that can be successfully treated in the long term with orthoses include corns and calluses, foot ulceration, tendonitis, recurrent ankle sprain, plantar fasciitis or heel spur syndrome and recurrent stress fractures.

Other treatments may include exercises and recommendations on footwear.

Custom Footwear

Orthopedic shoes are specially designed support and relieve pain in the legs, ankles, or feet. The particular shoed design varies, depending on the individual’s health problem. Historically, orthopedic shoes put function over fashion. Today orthopedic footwear is more attractive and not worn solely by seniors. Orthopedic shoes are worn by children and people of all ages. No one design effectively works for all types of foot or leg problems.

Properly fitted shoes are necessary for foot support to prevent or ease many common foot problems. Lace up boots for example provide support, helping aid sore feet. Shoes with custom fitted arch supports remove pressure from the heel and forefoot by distributing weight more evenly. High-heeled shoes stress the body and feet contributing to calluses, bunions, corns, and claw toes.

Some foot and lower limb problems, such as foot ulceration, tendonitis, recurrent ankle sprains, stress fractures, and heel pain, front-of-knee pain, and long periods of walking / standing – induced hip and low back pains can be mitigated or totally relieved with orthoses.

When prescribing shoe orthotics, your podiatrist will consider various factors, including:

  • existing foot problems,
  • foot structure and function,
  • biomechanical considerations (posture, walking pattern),
  • occupation (long periods of standing or walking), and
  • lifestyle.

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