Foot orthosis for triathletes

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Foot orthosis for triathletes is pretty important, and the socking thing is that there are still some triathletes out there that are not sure just how important they are. Just remember one thing, the foot orthosis should pair well with your training shoe, and let’s take it from there.

The next thing you need to know is what exactly a foot orthosis is. This is a brace that will help in the motion control of your foot, ankle and lower leg. It can be worn for added stability, to prevent injury or to manage an injury be it old or new.

Many distance runners with a history of weak ankles or motion issues should wear them. Anyone with old lower leg injuries is a good candidate for foot orthosis as well. If you wear your orthosis off training then you will need it while training and definitely while racing.

You can get them to meet your needs according to your shoe type and the intensity level of the race. If you are wearing it for an old or new injury it is urgent that you get clearance to race and brace approval before you begin training for the race. Light footwear is always your best bet when it comes to meeting the best demands possible with your orthosis. This maintains the appropriate efficiency, and you are able to run more effectively as a result.

There are several types of foot orthosis available. Some you will get from a doctor and others are available in your local stored or online. Make sure if you are using one that you do the appropriate exercises so that the tendons and muscles do not become dependent on the device.

The materials that are used to make these orthosis are more light weight than in times past. They are more flexible, and they allow for more natural motion than the older ones once did. If you are running with an older one, it may be time to upgrade. It could truly make a difference in the comfort or if not the total outcome of your race.

Again, you will want to get with your doctor before you begin training. This is even if you chose the device yourself. It is pointless if it doesn’t fit correctly, and it is important to have that medical clearance anyways when you are looking into racing in a triathlon.

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