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There is much talk about what is the best foot orthotics to buy and use, and this has given rise to provide interested people information regarding the truth about foot orthotics. In this article we will discuss what a foot orthotic device is, why you would need one, and what types available to you.

What is a foot Orthotic?

What is a foot orthotic; that is an important question, especially if you have pain in your foot or ankle. It is a medical support device which provides stability to the foot, ankle and leg to relieve pain and to prevent any further injury. Commonly referred to as orthoses, such devices are also designed for the knees and hips. The most common types of foot orthotics are customized shoes that provide foot support and sole inserts. These helps to give extra support to individuals while standing and walking. And, these help to correct a person’s posture. Candidates for orthoses devices include people who have flat feet and need arch support, or people who roll their ankles inward when they walk because of gait. There are many individuals, with various ailments, who could benefit from such orthotic devices.

What are the Reasons why People need Foot Orthotics?

In podiatric medicine, which is the branch of medical science devoted to diagnosis and study of foot and ankle disorders, many of the most common disorders can be treated utilizing foot orthotic devices. Some of these disorders include the following:

  • Bunions and Hammertoes
  • Neuromas, Metatarsalgia (Ball of Foot Pain)
  • Tendonitis
  • Arthritis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Sever’s Disease, also known as Apophysitis

All of these conditions listed above are good reasons why people would need to use foot orthotic devices. The good news, orthoses devices can treat many common ailments and can help prevent any further pain to a person with a physical deformity. However, these devices cannot get rid of some foot condition such as bunions or bumps on the foot or ankle.

What Types of Foot Orthoses Devices are Available?

Many, if not most, of the foot orthotic devices are prefabricated and can be purchased over the counter at pharmacies, hospitals private clinics, sport stores and wellness centers. However, not all brands are of the same quality. Many people who rely on orthoses devices for support have used a few brands before sticking to right one. Interested persons searching for the ideal fit and support, custom made foot orthotic devices are the best. There are definitely too many foot orthotics available to list here, although, you can view a huge variety of prefabricated and custom fitted foot orthotic devices here at

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