How Radial Pressure Wave Therapy Helps with Cell Regeneration

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The benefits of utilising radial pressure wave therapy are many. In truth, this amazing therapy interacts with tissue that triggers numerous inclusive medical effects like enhanced tissue repair, accelerated cell regeneration and restored mobility. Moreover, radial pressure wave therapy is used to treat acute, chronic and sub-acute conditions.

The Basics

Radial pressure wave therapy uses shockwaves for cell regeneration. The shockwaves transfer elevated energy to myoskeletal tissues and painful areas with different condition levels such as acute or chronic. This high energy supports repair and regeneration of the soft tissues, tendons and bones. For the shockwaves are considered a great regeneration tool due to its great amplitude, jump change in pressure and non-sequential nature.

Mechanically, the projectile is created by compressed air. This dynamic energy is shifted to the transmitter located at end of the applicator and then directed into the tissue.

Stimulation of Cell Regeneration and Collagen Production

For the repair of damaged ligaments or myoskeletal structures, the production of sufficient collagen and cell regeneration is needed. On the whole, shockwave therapy accelerates cell regeneration by accelerating pro-collagen synthesis. In fact, the therapy makes the newly developed collagen fibers form longitudinal assemblies which create new tendon fibers that are stiffer and denser.

New Blood Vessel Development

For the repair of damaged tissue, nutrient blood flow is essential. The use of radial pressure wave therapy creates tiny capillary caliber sutures (microruptures) in the bone and tendons. Thus, this drastically increases the manifestation of growth factors like vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), eNOS (endothelial nitric oxide synthase) and bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP). In result, the growth of arterioles is stimulated plus new ones are formed.

These new blood vessels increase oxygenation and improve blood supply to the damaged area which speeds up the healing process or both the tendons and bones.

Changes in Cell Level

The shockwave stimulus in radial pressure wave therapy directly affects the chemical environment of tissues on a cellular level. In fact, the energy causes the free radicals to change by boosting the release of the materials that assist inflammation and thwarts pain.

Benefits of Radial Pressure Wave Therapy

Radial pressure wave therapy has numerous benefits and has been proven to help many effects when used with certain treatment plans such as the three treatment plan:

  • Cell regeneration
  • Greater range of motion
  • Decreased muscle tension
  • Reduces pain (numbing effect)
  • Connective tissue is strengthened
  • Long term reduction of calcifications

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