How Radial Pressure Wave Therapy Works for Cellulite Treatment

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Cellulite is a term for a dimpled appearance in the skin that typically occurs in the thigh, buttock and hip areas of the body. The condition is not dangerous and is more common in women than in men since fat, connective tissues and muscles form a bit differently in the female body than in the male body. A person who has this issue will notice a lumpiness right under the skin surface that is caused when the accumulation of fat in the area pushes against the connective tissues, which results in a distortion in the skin’s appearance. Today, there are different treatment options for cellulite for those who wish to rid their bodies of it or diminish its appearance, and one such therapy is radial pressure wave therapy.

Description of Radial Pressure Wave Therapy

Radial pressure wave treatment is an effective non-invasive therapy choice to treat various conditions, including insertional tendinopathy, dissolving calcifications, activating connective tissues and muscles, deactivating myofascial trigger points, cellulite and other issues. A machine creates the wave pneumatically in order for a freely moving hand device to deliver pressure pulses to a large, targeted area of the body.

The Effectiveness of Radial Wave Therapy as a Treatment for Cellulite

Radial pressure wave therapy is effective on reducing the presence of cellulite since it breaks up fat deposits, so that the body can metabolise them and dispose of them as waste. In addition, this process stimulates collagen production that further helps to smooth out the skin’s appearance.

Multiple Sessions are Necessary for Optimal Results

You will need this therapy at least, twice a week for a period of about six weeks depending upon the severity of the cellulite. On top of this, you will need a maintenance session about every three months or so in most cases. After each session, there is no recovery time or negative side effects and you can immediately return to your normal daily routine.

Are the Radial Wave Sessions Painful?

With this type of therapy, there is no pain during the treatment sessions. In fact, the sessions are relaxing and comfortable.

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