How to recover from the Infamous Tennis Elbow

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Tennis – a sport nearly everyone plays, or wants to learn to play, has always been popular. It is undeniable that the sport is not only fun, but provides an excellent workout. However as with all sports, tennis is not without its fair share of physical injuries brought about by excessive playing, improper technique, strain, or just plain bad luck. One of the most well known tennis-related injuries is referred to as the ‘tennis elbow’. Properly called a lateral epicondylitis, it is an extremely painful condition caused by repetitive and often strenuous activity, which wears down the lateral epicondyle or forearm muscles.

This condition is commonplace in racket sports like tennis, but can also be experienced by individuals playing other sports like golf, and even in some forms of martial arts like kendo or judo. Managing a tennis elbow injury can be somewhat difficult considering how the use of our arms and hands are a daily necessity; tennis elbow only affects the dominant hand that is most often employed.

The ways on how to recover from the infamous tennis elbow are as varied as the methods to actually prevent it from occurring in the first place, but here’s a quick way to help oneself recover from lateral epicondylitis:

How to Recover from the Infamous Tennis Elbow – A Quick Guide

Step One: Find the means to manage with the pain. Whether it’s through the use of over-the-counter analgesics, or through brewing all-natural pain relief tisanes from ginger and turmeric, it is important to find a way to help lessen the pain if you want to attempt to recover from tennis elbow. More often than not, inflamed areas are soothed by cold, or otherwise numbed by it, so regularly applying an ice pack on a fairly moderate basis an hour or so a day helps. Especially, when the pain feels the worst the ice should help tide you over without having to depend on analgesics.

You can’t go wrong with topical liniments or ointments either, but pick the ones that are mentholated. Of course, gingerroot and chili-based liniments also do wonders.

Step Two: Restrict all forms of movement that affects the injured part. Perhaps one of the most sure-fire ways on how to recover from the infamous tennis elbow is to restrict all forms of movement of the affected area. This not only prevents any future injury from occurring, but also helps to mitigate the damage done and prevent the injury from its worsening. One of the best ways to go about this is to employ tennis elbow braces.

Limited motion elbow brace, or an arm immobilizer, are very effective at stabilizing the elbow area. Depending on your needs (i. e. the type of work you undertake and the amount of mobility you require) these help to keep your hand relatively free enough to still function with semi-normalcy, without compromising your recovery.

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