Is a soft Humeral Brace better?

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Mid and proximal humeral fractures and disorders are some of the most complicated cases even for the most qualified orthopedic doctors. The complications do not just revolve around the course of treatment, but also around the kinds of damages or injuries sustained.

There is no doubt that injury management is the best way to ensure better and faster recovery, but often it comes down to the type of brace that can help. There are disagreements on the choice of non-hinged, hinged and soft braces. Patients and their family members have to take a decision and ascertain if a soft humeral brace is better than the others available?


One of the best features in top-notch soft humeral braces is that they are carved in solid molded foam, which is strengthened for protection. It is easy to wear and provides comfort during the several days of necessary recovery. There is also an important shoulder cap, which limits potential injury threats and yet allows complete freedom of movement. Many orthopedics believe that soft braces fit patients better than anything else.


Is a soft humeral brace better? It is definitely in terms of compression. It is a renowned fact that human body needs slight temperature to heal damaged tissues and bones. Compression is often the best way to ensure that an injured area of the body is warm. A humeral brace offers a medial shell that provides constant compression and warm.

Otherwise, you will have to use crepe bandages for compression with other variants. Given the injury complications, it’s difficult to change it frequently.


There are so many braces out there in the market, which do not fit properly. The idea behind a quality humeral brace is to make sure that fractures stabilized, and then healed by protecting the affected area from outside contact and trauma. What use is it if such braces cannot fit an area of the body firmly and comfortably? No use at all.

Soft humeral braces are designed to fit tightly without causing discomfort or pain. Although their price is bit higher than some of the other variants on market today, although given the complications of the injury it is wise to choose something that can effectively help in your recovery. You can find soft humeral braces at:

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