Proper Casting and Bracing for Full Rehabilitation and Healing

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When an injury occurs to bones, muscles, ligaments or even cartilages, it often requires proper casting and bracing with or without surgery for full rehabilitation and healing of the damaged area. A number of different devices are available today to ensure that each body part receives the correct support, so it can soon return to normal functioning. The casting or bracing method that is effective for you will depend upon how severe the injury is and where it is in your body.

What Casting or Bracing Accomplishes with Injuries

The appropriate braces or casts will immobilise the injury fully or partially to allow the muscles, bones, cartilages, tendons or ligaments to heal sufficiently to regain normal functioning. At times, these orthotic devices also offer additional support to the area of the body that has been weakened by the injury in order for the patient to participate in physical therapy and certain daily activities.

Various Types of Casts and Braces

A number of different orthotic devices are available at present to provide the proper casting and bracing to help rehab and heal an injury, and they range from spinal orthotics to the feet and ankle braces. Each one of these devices serves a specific purpose to assist its allotted area of the body. We list a sampling of these devices in the following information:

  • Spinal orthotics include sacral cinches, corsets and thoracic lumbar sacral just to mention a few.
  • Examples of cervical orthotics are soft and hard collars, Aspen collars and Philadelphia collars.
  • Arm and shoulder braces range from shoulder abduction models to arm immobilisers.
  • Hand and wrist braces include elastic wrist versions, ones for night resting, radial nerve wrist supports, mallet finger splints and other models.
  • Knee and ankle braces come in a variety of models, such as limited motion cast braces, plastic ones, knee sleeves, and custom knee braces.
  • Feet and ankle braces range from custom fabricated AFO versions to elastic ankle supports.

Turn to Our Orthotics Specialist for Expert Guidance

Never assume on your own the type of brace or cast that will be ideal for your situation. You should always receive a valid medical diagnosis of your condition in case surgery is necessary along with a supporting device to correct your injury. On top of this, you need to consult with our orthotics specialist here at Northern Orthotics to ensure that you utilise the most effective brace or cast possible for proper rehabilitation and healing. We offer a full line of casting and bracing to help our clients through their rehabilitation and healing process in a successful manner.

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