The Effectiveness and Benefits of Cast Walkers (Moonboots) for a Bone Fracture

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Bone fractures happen in different severities. Some only require immobilisation, while others need surgery to heal properly. The doctor often prescribes a cast walker or moonboot after he sets the bone in the right position either by itself or in addition to surgery at a certain point in the healing process. A moonboot will keep the bone stationary enough for the bone to knit completely back together successfully.

A moonboot is just as effective as a traditional cast is, but only when the patient wears it exactly as the doctor orders at least, with factures where the patient can place weight on them. When it is necessary for no weight to be placed on the leg, foot or ankle, the doctor may prefer a traditional cast for a portion of the healing process before switching the patient to a cast walker. Its effectiveness is not the only benefit to this moonboot, as you will learn if you keep reading.

The Other Benefits of Cast Walkers

1. It allows the wearer to walk on the leg immediately, which can help him or her regain range of motion quicker than a traditional cast does as the fracture heals. The moonboot contains a rocker bottom, which provides ease of walking.

2. Typically, the ankle is set at a 90-degree angle with the use of the adjustable hinges on the moonboot for optimum healing. Under certain circumstances, other angles are set when the injury calls for a different option. In comparison, a traditional cast is not adjustable once set.

3. Cast walkers are removable, which allows the wearer to wash or ice the leg. In addition, they permit the users to participate in physical therapy with or without them as necessary. Tempting as it may be, the wearer should never go without the moonboot longer than the doctor recommends, as this may hinder healing.

4. Minor fractures can heal in as little as 2 weeks with one of these cast walkers, but severe fractures may require as many as 8 weeks.

5. Since this style of walker contains adjustable straps, the wearer can adjust it looser or tighter, depending on the amount of swelling there is in his or her leg. Certain moonboots come with air inserts that the wearer inflates for a firmer fit.

When you find that you require help to heal a foot, leg or ankle, you need to seek the advice of our qualified orthotist, Andrew Elliott, here at Northern Orthotics, for guidance on which moonboot or other treatment you may require to heal your fracture. The Donjoy Air Select is one example of these cast walkers that we carry at our facilities. Please let us help you through your injury.

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