The importance of spinal orthotics device in neck and spinal related injuries

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When it comes to spinal cord or neck injuries, something as simple as the right orthotics can make all of the difference. As a matter of fact studies say that less than a third of those who suffer a major spinal cord injury will successfully walk again. Each one of them will have the strong desire to give it all, if they have to walk again despite their prognosis. The great news is that through new innovative designs and techniques there is hope through orthotics.

Today’s orthotics has many features that traditional orthotics do not. For instance, some may have electrical stimulation features. Many new designs are on the market, and the numbers of those who do walk again after a major injury to the neck or spine are increasing noticeably.

Spinal orthotics are among the most commonly suggested and fundamental types of devices to help those who suffer from conditions eliminating or decreasing mobility or causing pain from a spinal condition. Whether it is scoliosis or a fracture there is a device that can assist you or someone that you love. Neck orthotics are also commonly suggested by doctors in the form of a cervical collar to help support and prevent further injury to the neck or to treat chronic ailments targeting the area.

During a 5 year study it was found that 50 % of those who were told to use orthotics for a long term period were in fact not using them. On average only 5 % actually used them correctly and as prescribed. The outcome was not good for most who did not use them at all. Only a few studied, walked again. If your doctor prescribes orthotics it is essential that you follow the instructions diligently even if you feel you are making improvements or that they are “not helping”. It has been proven that they do make a difference even if it is not in the time we hoped that they would.

There are many options available today. Orthotics are not a life sentence whereas not using them can turn into one. When you do not use the device healing can be hindered, stop all together or the damage may even increase to the area. The outcome either way will be determined according to the individual and their injury. If you have been told that you or someone that you love need orthotics then call Northern Orthotics Pty Ltd today.

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