Types of Ankle-foot orthosis

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Maybe you are an athlete who is having issues with weak ankles or you may have a chronic instability in your ankles. Knowing what device will work the best for you can be challenging.

There are a lot of them out there and even more being researched.

There are several types of ankle-foot orthosis. These are often referred to as AFO’S, and they can sometimes be called KAFO’s (Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis.) These are medically necessary medical devices improving both mobility and quality of life for patients who have to use them.

One option is ankle it stirrups. This is a great medical device for a sprain or a fracture. They are also considered in the experimental stages to prevent re-injury or added stability.

All of the devices available will help to add mobility and quality of life to the individual who uses them. They are stabilizing, and by stabilizing they can reduce inflammation of the ankle and pain just to name some of the benefits. Knowing which one will work for you in invaluable, but there are a lot of them out there. You need one that is tailored to meet your individual needs, and that often means doing your homework.

If you have a chronically unstable ankle then an elastic ankle sleeve may be an option for you. These are reusable, and they too are being investigated for the use in re-injury prevention. Some use the lace up support braces or the orthopedic ankle cast as an alternative to elastic braces.

There are stabilizing boots and shoes available to those who experience ankle instability or for use with ankle injuries. Your physician can help you to decide what type of ankle support device will be best to meet your needs. Whether you have chronic instability or you just need it during sports you can see a huge improvement through the use of an appropriate supporting device.

Some devices like the elastic ankle support and the ankle sock can be purchased at your local department store. Still, the best decision that you can make is an informed decision so be sure to discuss your symptoms and have a checkup by a doctor. Do not try to use a supporting device in the place of having a doctor examine the cause of the instability. These are devices that are meant to be used in unison of an attending physician.

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