Types of Back Braces That Will Help Herniated Discs

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When there is a herniated disc in your back, you will suffer a lot of pain and discomfort. The reason for this is the fact that the disc is no longer able to act as a shock absorber between the spine’s vertebrae. As the result, this condition can irritate the nerves and cause pain, weakness and even numbness in a leg or an arm. Luckily, there are a number of different treatments available today to treat herniated discs to provide you relief. Treatments often involve wearing a brace either in place of surgery or after surgery, depending on the severity of the herniated disc.

Various Braces That Provide Relief for a Herniated Disc:

High Taylor or Low Taylor Spinal Braces

The High Taylor or Low Taylor spinal braces restrict the movement of the spine and help the spine maintain the neutral position that it requires to relieve the pressure on the herniated disc. It has frontal straps with a posterior, contoured frame. Which brace is necessary depends on the location of the problem disc. In addition, the doctor may recommend the use of the shoulder straps that come with these braces.

Donjoy Duel TLSO Spinal Support

The Donjoy Duel TLSO is a prefabricated, rigid, full-circumferential back brace. It provides support for the area of the back that is between the scapular thoracic region and the sacrococcygeal junction. When you wear this brace, it will restrict trunk rotation and forward flexion movement with its rigid posterior and anterior panels. A Donjoy Duel TLSO is easy to adjust to the right height to provide you with the necessary support to relieve your herniated disc discomfort and pain.

Kydex Lumbar Brace

The Kydex Lumbar Brace offers effective sacro-lumbar stability while it keeps the spine in a neutral position. It also offers a custom fit since it is constructed with heat-moldable Kydex. With this brace containing a foam liner, and being thinner and lighter weight than other types of braces, it is ideal for those who may have difficulty wearing heavier braces. Kydex Lumbar Braces come in small, medium, medium-large and large sizes.

Elastic Cinch Sacro Support

The Elastic Cinch Sacro Support offers support to the sacro-lumbar region by increasing pressure on the abdomen. It encourages the wearer to maintain a proper posture while it restricts the rotation and forward flexion movements. A brace such as this more comfortable compared to the rigid braces. Straps are highly durable, and you can cut them shorter when necessary.

The above are just some of the back braces you will find at Northern Orthotics to provide you relief from a herniated disc. At the same time, you can consult with Andrew Elliott on which model will work best for you, as he is a professional orthotist. Do not suffer in silence when there is help for your situation.

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