What Is a Waterproof Fiberglass Cast and When Would You Need One?

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Whether you’re a working man, a sporty individual, or simply someone who’s had a stretch of bad luck, injuries are inevitable, and the worst of all injuries involve broken bones. Not only do these get in the way of day-to-day activities, they also take a notoriously long time to heal. Broken bones can be easily mended by casts, however, casts can prove to be uncomfortable and often ungainly and quite difficult to work with.

While there are modern casts that are less obtrusive and that allow for a greater allowance when it comes to movement. However, even these modern castings tend to have a problem with their weight, and more importantly, a whole lot of problem when it comes to moisture. We all know how we’ve been advised to not get casting wet, and this is because moisture tends to weaken the hold of the casting, especially in the case of traditional ones that have been made from plaster and bandages.

Even the modern types of casting that are lightweight and are made of breathable but hard fibre pose difficulties when wet. Problems such as skin irritation, the growth of mould or fungus, off smells, and even the possibility of infection thanks to the growth of bacteria, are matters of concern. However, getting a cast wet is inevitable for most people who have to wear them, especially in cases where an individual desires to be self-sufficient when bathing with a cast.

Waterproof fibreglass casts solves the water worry problem

Thankfully, a waterproof fibreglass cast easily solves all of these mentioned concerns. Waterproof fibreglass casts are an excellent alternative to most modern fracture castings, since it is not only lightweight and extremely durable and resilient, it also allows for a far greater degree of movement compared to other orthotics. And, it has the added bonus of being impervious to water-damage.

This casting not only allows you to resume most all of your day-to-day activities, it also provides you more than ample freedom to perform household chores and even shower with far more room for leverage, especially when compared to other, more typical casting options. All this without running the risk of ruining a cast and thus compromising your recovery!

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