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Sustaining an injury is already painful as it is. But you know what’s even more painful – accidental trauma or movement to an injured area. Just imagine breaking your forearm and having someone attempt to lift your arm by the hand… or injuring your lower leg and lying down in bed, only to accidentally turn to your side while sleeping and wake up in excruciating pain! Very painful indeed.

Caring for a sustained injury is a very delicate process. As much as possible, the injury must be immobilized to promote healing and prevent any further aggravation. If you sustain an injury on your shoulders or any of your extremities, immobilization is crucial for improvement. In these cases, what you need is an abduction pillow.

An abduction pillow is clever device meant for medical recovery of the hip and legs. It is made of soft but firm foam that keeps the injury stable and prevents it from ‘abducting’ or moving away from the medial plane of the body. It prevents the worsening of the injury by immobilizing it. An abduction pillow also promotes healing by thwarting movements which could otherwise damage healing tissues.

Now that you know, what is an abduction pillow, let us explore its benefits and how it is used.

What are the benefits of an abduction pillow?

Since an abduction pillow immobilizes a hip or leg injury, preventing any uncontrolled movement, you will enjoy a speedier recovery. You will be able to resume your normal routines in a shorter span of time. The fact that an abduction pillow makes the healing process less painful, by hampering the movement of your injury, resorting to stronger pain relievers may not be necessary.

What injuries does an abduction pillow treat?

Abduction pillows are more commonly used after hip replacement surgeries to keep the legs stable and prevent the patient from rolling and turning, which would otherwise delay healing. Because these are so effective, providers like Northern Orthotics also supply a special abduction pillow for shoulder injuries as well as a universal abduction pillow which can be used for different types of injury – both of which you can order online.

Where can I get an abduction pillow?

Abduction pillows are sold in medical supply stores across Australia, but you can always order online at Northern Orthotics. Northern Orthotics ships in Australia and around the world. Ordering online saves you the effort of having to look for a supplier and the specific abduction pillow you need for treating your specific injury. There are many orthotics devices you will discover on their website, and maybe you will find something you never knew you needed before.

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