What is Functional Posted Foot Orthotics?

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Most people can’t even tell you what posted foot orthotics is, but for those of us who have problems in that area it is pretty easy to explain. There are several reasons for functional posted foot orthotics. Among those reasons are foot defects, abnormal walking issues and even chiropractic issues with your feet.

So what is a posted foot orthotic? A posted foot orthotic is basically a device especially designed for the individual who is wearing it. Essentially it is made by taking an impression of the individual’s foot and contoured to correct whatever the problem is that the person is having.

It is placed inside the shoe. So basically it is a shoe insert that corrects feet problems. It may not sound like much of a big deal but when you are having problems with walking issues are pain in the foot area it can make a world of difference. Some of you may be wondering what the difference is between store bought shoes inserts and the functional foot inserts.

The difference is the store bought products are not specifically designed for each individual like the medically prescribed ones are. The store bought products do not have the corrective properties that posted foot orthotics do. These are specially designed for each individual in particular.

A functional foot orthotic helps control the movement of the foot known as pronation or supination. Pronation happens when the heel bone turns inward and the arch flattens out, meanwhile supination is the reverse from. A functional foot orthotic allows the foot or feet to absorb shock when running or steeping down and also allows it to adapt to uneven surfaces.

Sometimes too many or too much movement may cause injury to the area in question. Functional foot orthotics can prevent injury or deformity from happening or halt any further advancement of the existing problem. Essentially it allows the area to heal and grow stronger.

Many of the causes of pain in the hips, legs, feet and back areas are attributed to pronation or supination in the foot area. To create these devices a mold is taken of the individual foot and then turned into the insert that goes into the sole of the shoe.

There are also certain shoes that you can wear to help the functional foot orthotic work better. Therefore if the store bought foot inserts are not working you may need to see an orthotic doctor to inquire about functional foot orthotics and if they are right for your condition.

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