Why are Custom Made Foot Orthotics Better than the Prefabricated Ones?

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Think of custom made footwear as preventive medicine! One size does not fit all, so why put tired feet into pre-fab cookie cutter shoes?

Custom made orthotics footwear has been proved to reasonably reduce foot and leg pain caused by high arches, arthritis, plantar fasciitis (inflamed bottom foot and heel tissue), and tender hallux valgus (bunions).

Custom-fit foot orthoses offer more support for a more even distribution of body weight. Better weight distribution results in better balance, and helps relieve leg, ankle, or foot pain. The basic design of the custom shoe will vary, depending on the wearer’s malady and need. No single shoe design, whether custom or off-the-shelf, effectively works for every problem, nor should it be expected to perfectly and comfortably fit every foot.

Who Wears Custom-Fit Shoes?

Athletes wear custom-fit orthoses to help their balance. Diabetics wear custom-fit orthoses to aid in free movement to enhance circulation. Those recovering from leg, foot, or ankle surgery or injury wear custom-fit orthoses specific to their recovery. Professionals on their feet for their entire work shift wear custom-fit orthoses. It is not uncommon for those on their feet all day to be drained and worn out because of their tired and aching feet, rather than from the actual work they do. Improperly fitting shoes are to blame.

However, you do not have to sacrifice fashion for comfort. The time-tested orthopedic oxford is not the only style on the market these days. Modern custom-fitted orthoses are attractive and worn by anyone wanting a comfortable shoe. Orthopedic shoes are worn by children, seniors, and people of all ages. Styles include:

  • orthopedic sneakers and sandals,
  • orthopedic casual / sports, professional, and dress shoes,
  • orthopedic boots,
  • orthopedic shoes that lace up or have Velcro closures, and
  • modern styles of therapeutic, diabetic / extra depth shoes.

Different types of custom and prefabricated shoes can improve functionality. However, foot ulcers, tendonitis, reoccurring ankle sprains and stress fractures, and heel and front-of-the-knee pain are symptoms of poorly fitting footwear.

High heels, flip-flops, and clogs tend to inflict pressure that is not uniform. Legs, feet, and ankles attempt to redistribute the body’s weight to relieve pressure on one point or another. As a result, legs, feet, ankles, knees, lower back, and hips must work harder to balance and re-balance as we walk and stand. This tires the shoe-wearer without them realizing it. Only properly fitting shoes that offer substantial support prevent or ease hip and low back pains caused by imbalance, restricted circulation, or pinching and foot or heel irritations.

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