Why Severe Muscle Tension Should Not Be Taken for Granted?

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While minor muscle tension happens occasionally and is nothing to worry about, if you suffer from severe tension or stiffness in your muscles, you should not ignore it. We state this since severe tension can lead to pain and other issues, including not being able to perform your daily duties at work or at home. In the following info, we examine the definition of, possible side effects of and at-home treatments for muscular stiffness along with when to consult with a medical professional.

Definition of Muscle Tension

Tension occurs in the muscles when they stay in a semi-contracted position for a certain period of time. The reason for this happening is typically physiological stress. Stress such as this restricts blood flow to the affected area and this decreases the functioning of the muscles. When left untreated minor tension can escalate to severe in nature. If this happens, you can suffer certain side effects that we discuss in our next section.

Side Effects of Extreme Tension in Your Muscles

Severe muscular tension will lead to back, neck, head, leg or other pain if you just ignore its existence. In addition, the affected muscles will be stiff and this will restrict your range of motion. You may find it difficult to sit, stand, move your neck or walk across the room depending upon the location of the tension.

Non-Medical Treatments for Severe Muscle Tension

At times, just a soak in a warm tub of water will coax muscles to relax. You should try this when the tension first shows up in your body. Another non-medical treatment for tight muscles is massage. A therapist can perform various techniques to gently force the muscles to give up their stiffness. Stretching also works in much the same manner as these other two non-medical remedies. For the accompanying pain, take over-the-counter NSAIDS or apply topical creams or lotions according to their directions.

When to Consult with a Medical Professional

You should consult a medical professional if the severe muscle tension does not disappear in two or three days. This is important since there are underlying medical issues that can cause muscle tension and pain, and these issues will need addressing before you can experience relief from your side effects.

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