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When it comes to the nurturing and caring of leg injuries that need stabilization, excellent support is essential. As well, a high quality walking brace that offers ultimate comfort is a definite prerequisite. And for mild to severe ankle and foot injuries, XCELTRAX Walking Braces are perfectly designed to help promote healing. What is more, the walking braces offer other benefits and features that surpass many other types.

Cost Effective

For the most part, better designed braces are generally quite expensive. However, XCELTRAX Walking Braces are very cost effective and wide-ranging for the family. As well, they will accelerate healing so you are able to get back to ‘normal’ activities a lot faster.

Ergonomic and Outstanding Fit

The XCELTRAX Walking Brace is the definitive in ergonomic design. Not only does it have pre-shaped contact areas but it has flared struts for optimum support. In fact, the pre-shaped ergo frame is very lightweight for an exceptional fit. What is more, the level or pressure on the injury at both the lower leg and malleoli is adjustable.

Extreme Comfort and Perfect Sizing

The XCELTRAX Walking Brace is constructed with both functionality and structural ingenuity. Not only do the flared struts give you comfort but it offers a variety of leg sizes for the perfect fit. Available are the standard sizes as well as pneumatic for tall and ankle plus XSmall to XLarge.

Drastically Reduces Impact

For speedier healing and additional support, the innovative design integrates shock pods into the outer sole. These pods drastically decrease the impact of heel strike during ambulation. Moreover, irritation to the injury site and joints are greatly minimized.

Steady and Natural Gait

The XCELTRAX Walking Brace has an edgeless sole that is uniquely designed and adjusted to a patients distinctive gait pattern. Its low profile rocker sole and wider foot bed help provide a more steady and natural gait. Other remarkable features of the design include light weight, non-slip, wide footbed and low profile.

Applications and Objectives

XCELTRAX Walking Braces are designed for a large variety of applications and injuries. They are ideal for moderate to severe ankle and foot sprains as well as post-operative care and stable foot fractures. As well, the walking can be utilized for immobilization following other lower leg and foot injuries.

The main objective of the XCELTRAX Walking Brace is to promote faster healing and enhanced mobility. As well, it helps decrease pain symptoms, lowers anti-inflammatory medications and has a large variety of applications.

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